This lawn-tractor mounted Toro is amazing.  Seems to be as large as the tractor itself.  A customer was struggling with sinking into gravel, needed serious flotation.

This blower has a massive flare.  We needed to come up with a solution that would work with this flare, protect it, and provide float for the entire blower.

The final skid is designed to slip under the flare, providing protection and flotation to the blower.


These are some pictures of the development of the skid, and cutting out the final version.

Toro 521 Snow Blower Skid

You asked for an opinion ( came in the shipment ) these as are bad-ass, and are going to change the machine. You also asked for a picture on the machine for your site ( see attached ) no muss - no fuss bolted right on with the shim kit, done in two adult beverages ( well actually three while I marveled at the machine ) - I do not use any of the supplied web sites, ( on your supplied note ) so I am sending this to you directly.
Rock on!
Chris C.


Toro 1132 Powershift


Hi Bob,
Attached are a couple more photos showing two different skids for Toro 1132 Powershift snowblowers and also used on other Powershift models i.e. 828.
The 1st piece (top) is Toro part number 74-1100-01 and was used through 1991 with slot spaced at 2.5″ BC   (My unit)
The 2nd (bottom) is Toro part number 74-1440-01 and was used in 1992 and newer models with slot spaced at 2.875″ BC.  (angle of photo made tape reading appear to be 2.75″ but it is indeed 2.875″ BC).
This message is just for your information and a lesson learned for me.
Mike H.

Toro 1132 before 1991

Toro 1132 after 1991

Toro Powermax 724 OE

The ASE0310 skids at 3.00 inch spacings work great on my Toro Powermax 724 OE snowblower that I bought in 2017.  Wasn’t sure if they’d fit because the toro’s bolt spacings are 2-7/8 inches.  But the bolts are small in diameter, and the slot widths are large in the ASE0310 skids, so everything worked.  Will be using on gravel so starting with 1/2″ gap at bottom of snowblower.

Steve L.
Pleasant Prairie, WI



Here they are installed on a Toro 724OE.  For a little humor, I’ve included a snap shot of the original skids that were due for replacement (image 2).

I believe that we will get another snow … so that I can test them out. For reference, I did have to use 1 spacer on each side because of the way that the auger housing has a small boss that was stamped into the surface near the front of the opening.


All best,


Toro SnowMaster 724qxe

Shim kit (spacers) mandatory to clear the stampings. shims (spacers) can only be installed upside down. I don’t see any issues with this setup for gravel or smooth surfaces. I haven’t had a chance to use them yet but looking forward to giving them a try.

Thank you for the great product.

Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE 36003

Bob’s Comments To Jason asking about his Toro.

Yes sir!  2.5 inch.  That’s right at 2.5inches.  If it doesnt fit for any reason we will get a different set out to you, but from the picture I’m sure we are fine.


On Wed, Sep 11, 2019, 5:53 PM Jason wrote:
Hi Bob,
No worries - I know how crazy things can get! Does the picture tell us what we need to know? Looks like we’re 2.5” on center:
Please let me know when you have a moment. I’m also glad to send my skids over for measurement and further development, if that’s helpful…

On Sep 7, 2019, at 6:28 PM, Bob wrote:

Hi Jason,
Thanks for the email.  Sorry about not responding, it gets crazy at times.  Take a look at your machine and compare it to this one at top of page:
I’m 99% sure there was a change in this model, somewhere prior to 2019.  The 2019 seems to have either a 2 7/8″ bolt pattern, or a 3″ bolt pattern.  Either way, the same 824 model looks different when looking at the older machines, pictured lower down on the page.  The older machine needed to be offset, and was definitely a 2 7/8″ bolt pattern.  Please measure your bolt pattern carefully and lets see what it is.  Take a look at the attached pics to see how to measure.
I’d say go with either the pro 0310-D or the ASE-0310-d on my website.  You should be able to mount them in either configuration on that machine.  You may also need the spacer kit to account for the housing that protrudes a bit near the top of the skid itself.
If by chance, they don’t fit, I’ll swap them out no problem.
Would you mind sending me a review and some pictures for the website?  I really need to clarify my make/model page on this machine.
–Bob Sayre
Armorskids, LLC