1/8″ Slot Spacers

Price per set: $18.49
(set of 4)

Snowblower Make/Model Number:




Bob’s Comments:

SPC0300 1/8″ Thick Spacer 

ARMORskids® spacer is designed to help those who have clearance issues (set of 4 -two for each side if needed). Note that this size spacer fits up to 3″ bolt spacing. Spacers are designed to move the skid further outward to take care of any recessed areas. We have a picture that will show you how it will look on your snowblower. Click Here.

I was unable to pick up the ProHond skids from the powdercoater this weekend, they weren't ready. I've been pushed another week out, to 3/5/2022 pickup. If anyone wants a refund, please email me at bob@snowblowerskids.com. Otherwise I will hold all orders and will ship as soon as I get them in. Thanks everyone! Bob.

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