PROTECH BOX 42″ 27.25 Top Holes Painted (SINGLE SKID)


BOX42_PROT-27.25 Top Holes (SINGLE SKID) Painted
Price: $199.99
Shipping: $29.99
Total: 229.98

Make of Snowblower:

Bob’s Comments

The patented dual-angle tip design of these skid shoes give a smoother ride over cracks and curbs, compared to many stock skids.  The lower part of the tip has half the angle of most stock skids, providing a smoother transition and less jar to the machine, and less damage to the pavement.  The top part of the tip provides the same final height as the stock skid, and has a rounded ‘shin-friendly’ tip design that is safer than the stock skid and less likely to catch on obstacles.   Please contact me, I’m developing many sizes that are not yet shown here.

Protech:  Additional sizes in development: please call
Artic:     Additional sizes in development: please call
Avalanche: Additional sizes in development: please call