3.5” Slot Spacing

Price per set: $69.99

Shipping: $9.00

Total: $78.99

Snowblower Make/Model Number:


Bob’s Comments:

3.5” Slot Spacing (Measured from center of slot to center of other slot.)

We are out of stock right now on this size.  I will be getting more back from the powdercoater around 12/15/2021/  I will probably be able to ship by 12/18.  I’m leaving the ordering buttons turned on, feel free to order and we will fill the order as soon as we can.

This skid size has 5 slots. You will be using the 2nd and 4th slots. The slots are designed to have a slightly loose fit on a 3/8 bolt. If you have a 5/16 bolt, you will need to use washers. New bolts and washers not included. Please fill in the make and model number (example: Deere 8661). I’m putting together a chart that will hopefully aide people in selecting the correct size.

Note: Our Patented Skids are Black.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER: SPC0300 1/8″ Thick Spacers

If you need spacers, this pack of 4 spacers should solve almost all clearance issues.

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