How ARMORSkids® got started: 

It’s simple, really: Make a better product, here, in the U.S.A.

Companies today put enormous effort into designing their products to have the absolute lowest cost. If a particular part doesn’t help sell the product, they make it overseas as in-expensively as possible. This results in frequent repairs and a shortened product life. It also creates opportunity.



The second problem was that the shoe just wasn’t designed to handle the almost 2” high cracks in my sidewalk. It was designed for smooth driveways, and nothing more. My sidewalk was clearly outside of the design parameters of the original shoe.

I decided to grab the welder and make a set of my own set out of something a little thicker. I few hours later I’d made a set, and they worked. I modified it a bit, tested, and modified it again. Finally after many changes, I settled on a design that was much stronger and solved the frustrating problem of dealing with sidewalk cracks.

My skids are made right here in the United States, using American Steel. Sure I could go overseas and lower my costs a lot, but isn’t that what created the opportunity in the first place?

 I’d replaced the broken shoes on the snow blower several times already since I’d bought it. During a snowstorm I hit a crack in the sidewalk and bent a shoe again. Upon further inspection it was almost worn through, and had a large crack in it. After staring at it on my bench, I realized that there were two problems, not one. The first was the thickness of the material itself. The material was too thin, it wore out too quickly.

Keep jobs in America. Buy American.