Kubota B2782 (63″)


Hi Bob,

Just finished snow blowing for the first time this season. The Armor Skids are wonderful. I can’t believe how great the snow blower floats and glides over the gravel road, no more digging in the ground. The blower doesn’t require as much force to move now and there is more horsepower available to spin the impeller, therefore snow removal is much easier and the unit throws the snow further.  I’ve have three photos attached to show how I mounted the shoes. No problem at all attaching them. I have attached so the shoes are completely reversible with no problem.  I attached using the 2 1/8″ Kubota B2782 (63″) unit spacing with the 3/8″ bolts, then added a third 3/8″ bolt and a 1/2″ bolt. Skids are fully adjustable and do not move. I bang the blower around a lot and the skids hold firm. The storm I used them on was a 12″ wet cement snow—-no problems. Ground was still not frozen in some areas but the shoes still floated without digging.  Sorry it took so long to get back to you, But this is the first time I used the blower this season.

Steve T

Kubota 5450

I just got the skids, all I can is WOW!!!!  Pictures don’t do them justice.  I went ahead and put them on and fit perfect.
We really don’t have much snow yet, but couldn’t wait to try them so dropped them down and gave it a go, really impressed - I took the pipe i had on the bottom off as don’t think i need that anymore as your skids have a much larger profile.  I can adjust them all the way up which gives me 3 3/4 inches to the cutting edge, and all the way down with the cutting edge resting on top the skid which gives me 3/4 inch clearance.
Carl Frazer

Kubota B2781B

Below are the pictures of the CUT 24″ series for Kubota, mounted on a Kubota B2781B blowers, up in Petoskey, Michigan.

Kubota BL2664 3 Point Snowblower

I had to put some 3/16″ spacers behind them so they could clear the wings.  (Check out the ARMORskids Spacer Plates by CLICKING HERE)


Kubota BX2816-23S

I installed the skids and they worked just fine, I set the blower at 1 inch clearance and it worked well on the trails I clear in the woods. Slid over the partly exposed roots and rough spots no problem. I used 3/8 x 1 inch bolts with flat washers on both sides and a lock washer under the nut. Three bolts per side, one factory hole in the middle and two drilled holes were the shaped or indented metal is so no shims are needed. Everything bolts up nice and flat. Jeff M

Kubota GR2846A