Kioti CS-2410 Tractor

My driveway is 1,800′ long and mostly paved, but there is a section about 400′ long that is 3/8″ gravel. Because of this I like to keep the scrape bar about 3/8″ of an inch off the ground. I like to float the snowblower so it doesn’t dig-in and scoop up rocks.

I just ordered a set of ACS1545-C skids for the front mount snowblower on my Kioti CS-2410 tractor. The blower is a Kioti KS50. The factory skids (a $125 option, stock it just rides on the edge of the housing!!!) wore out in one season and were absurdly small for the size of the blower.

In the Thank You page that came up at the end of the ordering process you asked if I could tell you how I found your product. In my case I was very unhappy with the expense, small size and short service life of the stock Kioti skids so I was doing online research for a better solution. One of my Google searches led me to a small tractor owners forum with a discussion that included your skids being installed on my make and model of blower! I was sold immediately and went downstairs to measure and confirm the bolt size and spacing then ordered the skids. Here is a link to the forum discussion that sold me on your product.

If I like your product as much as I think I will I will tell my local Kioti dealer about it and also will tell my local small equipment repair guy. When the skids on my walk-behind snow blower wear out I will get a set for that machine as well.

In my youth I welded quarter inch steel about two inches wide and ten inches long with up-bends at both ends onto the stock skids on blowers to get something similar to your product but far less elegant. Plus, your product saves me work and hassle. Plus, I don’t have any steel plate in my junk pile right now.


Bob P

Retired and loving it in snowy NH

Note 2018-10-22:  While this skid physically fits, it’s designed more for the 2-stage walk behind machines.  I’ve developed a new skid that is more suited for a machine this size and weight, the Cut24 series.  Check out my Cut24 products by CLICKING HERE FOR CUT24 PRODUCTS.


New C.U.T. Series, for Compact Utility Tractors and Hydraulic/PTO Driven Blowers!

Kioti KS54-180FM

The holes on the snowblower are 3/8” so I drilled them out to fit the ½ carriage bolts. I think your shoes need the extra support….

KS54-180FM Kioti

Kioti KS54-180FM