Husqvarna 531-30 71-69

Original Stock Skid  on left vs ArmorSkid® on the right.


Husqvarna 12527HVX

Husqvarna 12527hvx 2 Husqvarna 12527hvx

Husqvarna ST224

Takes the 2.5″ slot spacing.

Husqvarna St224 Smaller

Husqvarna ST230 P


Here’s some pics of the skids on my Husqvarna ST230-P, no spacers were needed.

Husqvarna St230 P Husqvarna St230 P 2 Husqvarna St230 P 3 Husqvarna St230 P 5

Husqvarna ST330P

Used on asphalt driveway and washed stone/gravel parking lot.

Husqvarna St330 P Husqvarna St330 P 3

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I received the skids and put them on my Husqvarna ST 330P today.  I’ve attached pics in case you were interested.  I reversed the skids (with wide flange forward) and used the original soft skids that came with my Huskie as spacers.  By reversing them, the footprint is even narrower than the stock skids that I removed.  I ran them all the way down which left an approximate 1/4 to 1/2″ gap between the scraper and the ground which is perfect for my application needs of a stone driveway and grass pathways.  There is plenty of room for me to adjust them to make the clearance greater as well.  The only thing I had to do was get new carriage bolts 1 1/2″ ($3) to replace the originals which were too short.

We’ve been having an unseasonably warm winter so far (60 degrees this entire week) but I am dying to break in my new snow blower and put these skids to the test.  I can tell by just moving the blower around in my shed that the skids help with the displacement of weight and make moving it much easier.

If you want to use any of these pics for your site, please feel free to do so…and I don’t need photo credit.  If it helps the next person make a decision then that’s all I care about.  Thanks for making what appears to be a great product.

Officer David A. Murphy