Honda HS55

2 3/8” and the slots are 5/16”.

On the HS55 the skids are mounted on struts behind the housing. The new skids are way to large to fit in the original position. So I removed the old struts and skids and mounted the new skids to the main blower housing. I only had to drill one new hole for each skid, the second bolt was already there and available. Installation was quite quick.

Got the skids. I didn’t realize how bad the old ones were until I received yours. Wow.

Honda Hs 55 800x600 Honda Hs 55 3 800x600

Honda HS 724

He bought our Pro-2425-A skids.

Honda 724

Honda HS928K1TAS

Honda Hs928k1tasImage2

Honda HSS928

Todd used 3 spacers on his Honda HSS928. This machine takes the asc2425-a skid.
He’s using them on gravel and grass so he has them raised up to the max in this photo.


Hss 928 With Tractor Wheels Smaller

Honda HSS928AWD

Neil used the pro-hond-a on his Honda HSS928AWD.

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From: Robert

Date: 2/19/19 9:22 AM (GMT-05:00)

To: Neil

Subject: Re: HSS928AWD skids

Hi Neil,

I don’t know.  You will need to look at your machine, and decide if you can mount a 12 inch long skid against the machine tightly, of if there are any bumps that would keep you from doing so.


On Tue, Feb 19, 2019, 8:18 AM Neil

Last email I promise – do I need spacers for my machine or no?


From: Robert


Have a great day!


On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 2:50 PM Neil MacDonald <neil@> wrote:

OK, I want to place my order.  I still don’t know which honda PN I’m supposed to order, please let me know.



From: Robert

Hmm.  Probably a little bit wider.  My skids are 1.120 wide.  So, depending on your machine  and the location and type of skids currently on it, it might/probably make it wider.


On Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 8:33 AM Neil

Thanks for the quick reply.  One last question, do your skids make the overall width of the bucket any wider than OEM?  The reason I ask is I carry my machine on a handicap chair carrier on the back of my truck.  It’s a snug fit for my machine on the carrier as it sits currently, I’d need to know if using yours makes the bucket any wider than it already is….I need to make sure I can still get the machine on the carrier.



Subject: Re: HSS928AWD skids

Hi Neil, thanks for the email.  I’d recommend the ProHond skid.  It’s seriously heavy duty, with a 3/16″ vertical rib and a 1/2″ thick bottom runner.  It’s got two tips narrow and wide, so you can customize it to your environment.  One thing to note is that this skid is cut out front and back to provide  clearance for the rear scraper bar bolt.  Most people have no issues, but a few have reported they needed to grind a bit more off to fit around the scraper bar.  Just fyi.  Once installed you may need to adjust the scraper bar down a bit too.


Armorskids, LLC


Honda HS1332

Please order our new skids: Pro-Hon-C:

Here’s the situation with the HS1332 machine/HSS1332A.

There is a back scraper bar bolt that slides up and down at a 45* angle. The skid mounts just ahead of it.  So the old method was to use 2 sets of spacers, to space out each side a full 1/2″ to clear that back bolt.
This new Pro-Hond skid listed above has a large cutout that clears that back scraper bar bolt.  This allows for the skid to mount without the need for spacers.  I developed this skid using the pro series bottom runner for strength since it wouldn’t have as much support from the vertical rib.  I also increased the thickness of the vertical rib from 1/8″ to 3/16″ thick, to resist bending due to less steel.  This skid is a beast, it’s the strongest skid I’ve ever made.  It’s the one you want.  When you compare the price to the regular ase2425 skid with 2 sets of spacers, it’s a wash, which is even better.


Honda Hs1332 Pro Series Skid Redesign Medium