Cub Cadet 3X42 Model #19A40024100

Bob’s Comments:

Customer comments to Bob:


Per your request, I am including a picture of Armor-skids model PROXT3575B mounted onto my Cub Cadet 3X 42″ snow blower attachment (Model # 19A40024100).  
When initially searching your web site, I didn’t see this blower model listed on your fitment chart, so hopefully this helps both build your information base and prospective costumers find what they need. Also, spacers are not required to realize full skid adjustment in this this application.    
They fit and look great. They’re just what is needed to keep the blower from digging into soft gravel and unfrozen ground. The skids included with the blower and a couple aftermarket models I’ve tried on this unit are far too narrow; because of the significant weight of the blower unit (near 300 lbs), no matter how much clearance the narrower skids are adjusted for, they get driven into even frozen surfaces such as gravel and dirt, resulting in the blower picking up and distributing a lot of gravel and debris into other areas of the yard. This is damaging to the blower and the lawn mower come spring; possibly dangerous if you’re contained to aim the ejecta towards buildings, vehicles or bystanders.
Because I feel that your product makes a good snow blower design much better, I have sent an email to Cub Cadet explaining the shortfalls of the skids they include with the blower, how this decreases its utility and ease of use, how Armor-skids correct these, and how they should at least offer your product as an option when purchasing the unit for those who plan to use it off of hard surfaces.    
Thanks for building a great product and for shipping it quickly. I’ll be buying more of them for my tractor /3pt hitch snow blower and any walk behinds I purchase in the future.  
Bret K.


Thank you for sending the other skid and including a US Postal pouch to mail the other skid back.

I put on the skids and they great on my Cub Cadet x3 42″ snow blower that is attached to my XT2 lawn tractor. The snow blower model number is:19A40024100. I then tried out the blower and all I can say is “Wow.”  It moves easier without resistance and I can turn the tractor without the blower grabbing the snow and ice surface making it hard to turn.. They work great! Well worth getting them. 

I mailed the wrong skid back to you today via the US Mail.

Feel free to put the pictures on your website for other buyers to look at.

If you have questions feel free to contact.