Cub Cadet 3X26″ HD 3 Stage

The photo on the right shows why you cannot order the Pro-XT (Extra-Tall) for this particular machine. You need to order the regular Pro-3575-B.

One of our customers Gus G., wasn’t sure which skid size to order. He ordered the Pro-XT, but those didn’t fit correctly. He had asked us, but we weren’t sure either because there are so many different and new machines. So if you have this machine, order the regular pro and not Pro-XT. Gus said: “They are not flush against the machine. The top of the skid is hitting a pushed out part and the bottom is almost flush. I run my machine pretty low to the driveway. No gravel just smooth driveway. Not sure I would need all that extra height.”

Bob’s note for me said: Cub cadet 3×26 owner, that has bolts down low and a horizontal  reinforcing ridge just above the stock skid.