Cub Cadet 3X 28

I’ve just ordered a pair of skids for my Cub Cadet 3X 28″ 357cc snow blower.

I did not order the larger pair that were 16″ in length (ASE9575-B), but the standard pair (ASE3575-B) with the 5.75″ spacing.  Although I do have gravel on my driveway.  Your feedback would be welcome. If you think that even for my size snow blower, the larger skids would be advisable, please let me know. They went on without a hitch!

Thanks, Bob, for getting back to me so quickly.

I will try the 3575-B, they’re already on their way.

Great customer service!!



Hi Stanten,

Thanks for the email.  I just checked my make/model lookup page, and I see I have two different Cub Cadet 3x * models showing.  Each has the ase3575 skid, and they seem to fit ok in the pictures.  The one seems to be almost fully extended, and doesn’t give a huge amount of clearance at the scraper bar, but that’s not a big deal if you’re floating on the gravel and not digging in.  If it were my machine, I’d go with the smaller 3575 skid, and not the 9000 series.  If you don’t like them I’ll swamp them out for you even if you’ve used them.  Sound fair?  

Oh one other way to get a bit more extension without going to the 9000 series it to get the PRO series.  It’s got a 1/4″ more height due to the 1/2″ thick steel runnner.

 –Bob Sayre




(Bob’s Note) This Pro Series Skid has an extra 1/4″ height due to the 1/2″ thick runner.

Customer Email:

Got your pro series skids in today.  Was a little worried, cuz when placed next to the factory plastic skids, they were exactly the same vertical size.  But mounted your skids.  Since they are so MASSIVE, I wasn’t worried about letting the blower ride mostly on the rear of the skid (as opposed to plastic skids being mounted horizontally). This provided more lift, and the wider surface of the skid provided better opportunity to “float” over obstacles.

So tried it on my now dry driveway (should be a better test of picking up rocks than snow covered??).  Worked GREAT!!  Didn’t pick up one rock!! Will know with a certainty with next snow (hopefully next year!), but am very pleased for now!!