Craftsman 247.883961


Attached are some photos I took of the ASC3575-B ARMORskids on my new Craftsman 247.883961 30″ snowblower.  The skids fit perfectly with no additional shims or washers required.  I was done installing them in literally 5 minutes.  As the website says, the ARMORskids are made of high quality steel with very good workmanship all around.  These were worth the price.  I wouldn’t normally say this, but I’m actually looking forward to our first big snow to give the skids and machine a try!

Love the conceived, designed, built in the USA pedigree this product (keep US manufacturing strong).  As a former CNC machinist and programmer, Manufacturing Engineer, and Engineering Manager, I appreciate the quality of the product.

Yahoo has a size limit on picture attachments (I think of 20MB) so my second email will have the rest of the pictures I took.

Thanks and good luck.

Andrew L.

Portage, MI

Craftsman 24837 AND Craftsman 486.248371

Bob, I received the two ArmorSkids you sent. The ASC 2505 mounted well. I have attached pictures showing the skids mounted and un-mounted to allow comparison with the original factory skids. The snow blower is a Sears Craftsman 42 inch, Two-Stage Snow Thrower for mounting on lawn tractors, Model number 24837 or 486.248371 or item number 07124837000P.  This snow thrower is identical to a Husqvarna Part number 531 30 71-69.  I believe they are both made by Toro and is Toro Consumer OEM-190-032, 42 inch Two-Stage Snow Thrower 2010 (SN1-1). The Toro original skid is PN 112-1063.  The Craftsman PN is 24279. The Husqvarna PN is 24279. The original skids mount with three 5/16 inch bolts.  Your ASC 2505 mounts with two 5/16 inch bolts. I hope that this information helps you with your catalog. Craig Young
Craftsman 42in Snow Blower On Ariens A22a46 Tractor SmallerCraftsman 42in Snow Blower With Asc 2505 MountedCraftsman 42in Snow Blower With Asc 2505 Mounted 2

Craftsman 536.881110

Customer Comments:

Craftsman: Model #: 536.811650  |  Item# ASC2475-A:  |  2″ Slot Spacing (set of 2 skids)

Item# SPC0300: Spacers (Set of 4)

20180120 153707

I was very impressed with the construction and welding. I had to use 2 spacers per side to obtain clearance due to the housing being recessed where the skids mount. The width of the spacers are about 1/8” too wide. I was still able to use them. I just cranked the bolts down and they eventually flattened the housing slightly without issue. Not a perfect fit, but worked none the less. I look forward to the next batch of snow (I’m sure no one says that!) so I can not worry about my snow blower catching on the uneven pavement anymore. Great product and concept. Wish they were around years ago!

I am including some pictures of the install for your reference.


David S.

Craftsman 536.887990

Craftsman 536 887990 1

Craftsman 536.887992

Bob’s Comments:

Please note: The customer put the skids on wrong-side out.

Customer Comments:

Attached are pictures of my new skids installed on my Craftsman model 536.887992, 29 inch, 9 horsepower snow blower. Please notice the comparison picture to the old skids.

Craftsman 536 887992 3 Craftsman 536 887992 2 Craftsman 536 887992 1

Craftsman C950-52915-0


Bob’s Customer Comment:
Hi Bob: I just wanted to let you know that I like my new skids. They appear to be extremely heavy duty and were simple to install.
I am sending a couple of photos and hopefully someone may find the information useful. I put the skids on a Sears Craftsman snowblower purchased in 2000 model number C950-52915-0, b 5 h.p. 24 inch.  The mounting holes were 2 inch on center.
I used stainless bolts and nuts from Menards.
4 carriage bolts- 5/16x18x3/4 inch.
4 fender washers- 5/16 inch
4 heavy washers to fit over bolt shoulder- 1/2 inch
4 nylock nuts- 5/16×18
Hope this helps someone out there.
Dan N