C.U.T. Series 30″ Long and 4.5″ Slot Spacing UN-Painted

C.U.T. Series 30″ Long and 4.5″ Slot Spacing
$369.99 per set

Weight: 47.2 lbs.

Shipping: $24.75
Total: $394.74

Make of Snowblower:

Bob’s Comments:

C.U.T. 30 Series:
30 inches long, and 4.5 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick steel.  Fully welded tip-to-tip, designed for blowers mounted on hydraulically-driven Compact Utility Tractors, 3-pt mounted blowers, and bobcats from 48+ inches wide.  These skids are wide tip on both sides.  Best choice for machines weighing between 450 to 900 pounds.  Note this are much wider, and the vertical rib is set inward an inch, to distribute weight better and allow for full welding on both sides.  They are shipping out raw unpainted and painted steel. I don’t have time to do the powdercoating on them during development.  For people wanting to order a set, I’m asking that they send me photos of their whole machine, and also some closer pictures of the side of the auger housing,so I can see what might be in the way.  When you get them mounted, please email me pictures and let me know what modifications you needed to make (if any) to get them mounted.   Please do NOT order if you’re not ok with sending me photos before and after mounting.  I’ve got a lot of bolt patterns in development, email me if you need a bolt pattern not shown below.  My email is:  bob@snowblowerskids.com