New C.U.T. Series, for Compact Utility Tractors and Hydraulic/PTO Driven Blowers!

CUT 24-3.5″/7″ Bercomac
3.5″/7″ Slot Spacing
Pricing: $189.99 per set
Shipping: $24.75
Total: $214.74

Make of Snowblower:

Bob’s Comments:

Slots designed to fit the Bercomac machines that have 3.5″/7″ slot spacing.  Please measure your machine, if it does nott have that slot pattern email me and we’ll figure out what you need.

If you have an image for the Bercomac, we would love to put it up on our page.

I was unable to pick up the ProHond skids from the powdercoater this weekend, they weren't ready. I've been pushed another week out, to 3/5/2022 pickup. If anyone wants a refund, please email me at Otherwise I will hold all orders and will ship as soon as I get them in. Thanks everyone! Bob.

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