ArmorSkids FAQ

We currently make skids in the sizes shown in the online Store. If your snowblower has a different mounting pattern than shown on the order page, email us for details on having a set of ARMORskids® custom-made to fit your snowblower. If enough people ask for a size, we’ll start producing them. We are currently working on adding several additional sizes, so please contact us with your make and model, and the bolt mounting pattern you need. A few pictures will also be very helpful as well.

Sizes vary so much that it’s much safer to measure what you actually need, then to rely on a chart. Manufacturers change specs all the time, even within a brand on the same model. We’ve even seen incorrect owners manuals. It’s really best to measure what you’ve got instead of using a chart.

That being said, in our online SHOP you can use one of the "finders" to reference information about the brands/models that our Customers report match a particular ARMORskids® set.

Every auger housing is different, and there are many that have a bump that runs somewhere along the housing. The bump adds strength to the metal housing and makes it stiffer and stronger. In rare cases, the bump is close enough to the skid area that the ARMORskids® shoe touches the bump. Most of the time it’s not a problem to mount ARMORskids® right over the bump, using a slightly longer bolt to attach it. Some people have found that a bit of trimming to the corner of the skid will solve the issue completely. We now have spacers available that will move the skids outward.

Check out our ARMORskids® spacers, they are designed to move the skid further outward to take care of any recessed areas.

Armorskids® are designed specifically to handle the challenge of gravel. Their long and wide design allows them to float over the gravel instead of digging in. They are made to handle the wear associated with gravel driveways.