Ariens Snow Blower Skid 30 inch

I’ve attached a couple of pics of your snowblower skids on my new Ariens Snow Blower Skid 30 inch. I have it set at the manual’s suggested 7/8″ height for gravel. Spacers are needed. Thank you for the great product. Nicely done.

30 1 800x600 30 2 800x600

Ariens 920021 Snow Blower

Ariens 920021 Snow Blower

Ariens 920021 Skid Ase0310

Ariens 920021-Skid ASE0310.

I Used 2 large area washers on each side. 3/8″x 11/2 ” as spacer and 2ea. bolts 3/8″x1″.

Craftsman 536.887250-Skid ASE2445.

Used 2ea. large area washer 3/8″x11/4″ as spacer and 2ea. bolts 3/8″x1″.

My driveway is crushed rock and 70 yards long and up hill. It snowed last night so I was excited to see how they would work. I was not disappointed, they worked great. The snow blowers seemed more stable and the front end would not dig in like the one’s that come on the snow blower. The larger contact are made the front end of the blower glided over most of the stones but some went thru. I would highly recommend these skids,you won’t disappointed.

Kenn S.


Ariens Deluxe 28 Snow Blower

The photos are of the installation on my Ariens Deluxe 28. I put the stock skids in the photo to show how much more contact area there is with the new ones.

Ariens Deluxe 28 2 Ariens Deluxe 28

Ariens ST 824

Ariens St 824 Smaller
Customer Comments:
Enclosed is a picture of your skids mounted on my Ariens ST 824.
Mounted very easily . I did get new longer bolts , but that was all.

Ariens Rapid Trak Pro

Ariens Rapid Trak Pro 2 Ariens Rapid Trak Pro 1

Thank you for the info on Ariens Rapid Trak Pro. I  just ordered the Pro-XT- 3.0″ skids and the spacer kit. I ran across your site when doing research on Ariens Rapid Trak snowblower on YouTube. Then I saw a video on the ARMORskids and said to myself, I gotta get a set for the next new machine I buy. I just purchased the Rapid Trak and haven’t got a chance to use it yet but figured I’d buy the set of ARMORskids to go with it and will work better on my gravel driveway. Spacers were not needed on these bad boys!