ARMORskids® For – Gravel Drives

Gravel is brutal on snowblowers. Stock skids dig into gravel, leave ruts, and bend when they encounter frozen rocks. Armorskids® are wider, and much longer than the typical stock skid.

Over 12 inches long, and over an inch wide, these skids provide over 5 times more “float”, exactly what is needed for gravel driveways.

It’s patented low-rise design allows a smooth lift to glide over rough gravel.

ARMORskids® For Sidewalks

Nothing is more frustrating than your snow blower hitting every crack in the sidewalk. If you’re tired of your snowblower banging into each uneven section of sidewalk, you need ARMORskids®.

Our heavy-duty replacement skid shoes allow you to avoid damage and keep smooth control over cracks, gravel, and other uneven surfaces.

It’s patented low-rise design allows a smooth lift over uneven concrete, cracks, and holes.

Superior Design over OEM skids

ARMORskids® feature an innovative dual-tip design for customized performance. The narrow tip slices through snowdrifts, while the wide tip floats easily over gravel and grass.







Superior USA Made Build Quality

These heavy-duty replacement skid shoes are made from durable American steel, over twice as thick as flimsy manufacturer skids. The superior length and angle provide a gentle lift over bumps up to 2 inches, instead of harsh jolts.

All parts are precision laser-cut and powder coated for unbeatable strength and corrosion resistance. Satisfied customers love them for sidewalks, gravel drives, compact tractors, and more!


USA Designed and Manufactured

Designed and Built in the USA using Quality US Steel. No shortcuts, no foreign parts. A Quality Product produced by skilled US Labor.







Customer Reviews

Saw your skids on and ordered them. I have a ruddy, hilly stone driveway. I got them on Monday before Thanksgiving and used them on Wednesday when we got 7″ of wet slop snow. They worked great on my driveway. The small stock skids would have not worked on my driveway. These are long and beefy and stand up to the stone, gravel and ruts.




Just figured I’d let you know I fired up my new snow blower for the first time for this big Nor’easter we are having here on Long Island.  We have a big gravel driveway, and the replacement skids worked extremely well.

Easy to bolt on in place of the stock skids. Started with about one inch, and reduced clearance to about 3/4 of an inch. Hit a little gravel here and there, but driveway was cleared easily with about an inch and a half of snow left on the gravel.

Thank you for a quality product that really does the job.


Bought a set of your shoes for my 8/26 inch snowblower years ago, and they’re still going strong. Last year, I bought a bigger snowblower – a Craftsman Pro 88833 for the deep stuff, and to give my “little one” a break. As usual the shoes suck. Do you offer, or plan a 3-bolt shoe for these bigger blowers? The bolt pattern gives slots on 4.5” centers. …Thanks in advance for any help – AND for a great product! Dan Weare, NH

Got mine a couple weeks ago. Only had a chance to use them once, but they glide smooth as silk! KW Snowblower Skids Testimonials from customers who have installed it on their own snowblowers. Makes the perfect gift for anyone that has to snow blow their own sidewalk or driveway, that is hard to buy for.

Mr Fix It Lou Manfredini

First and foremost, I’m so happy that your snowblower ARMORskids are made in America with American steel and not some overseas junk. I have around 150 feet of sidewalk that I have to snowblow every year, and out of that 150 feet of sidewalk there are at least 25 different spots that are very uneven. With my original skids, I would hit those uneven spots everytime and it would stop my snowblower in its tracks. Not only would it stop the snowblower, but it would jar the heck out of my arms and my body. Now that I have your American made ARMORskids bolted to my snowblower, I can run over those uneven spots like Grave Digger over a Prius. Thank you for your American made quality skids,



Columbus, OH

I received the skids a few days ago and finally put them on tonight. They’re awesome! They provide the substantial lift I was looking for. Winters out here are hit-n-miss. Some years it’s only a few/several inches at a time all winter, some winters it dumps in feet. It’ll remain to be seen if I even need to break out the big beast to clear the long driveway, but it’s a load off of my mind to know that I should have no problems digging out if snow falls in the feet. I’m glad it was easy to find you on the internet. Thanks again, Andy


My machine is a 100 series Deere with a 44″ blower. These skids performed great. We had 27″ on my 1200′ gravel driveway plus a parking area that holds 10 cars. A huge area to take care of. I’m a fan for life. Rich


My snowblower skids arrived in Friday’s mail. They appear extremely well made, fit perfectly, and should allow me to remove far more snow and far fewer stones from my gravel driveway. For the first time in a long time, I’m impatiently waiting for more deep snow so I can try them out! It’s a pleasure doing business with a company using American products–and a pleasure made even greater when the products work well and are constructed of high grade materials. Thanks. DH


They worked out great. I ended up only having to put a washer behind one end of each skid to account for the slight indentation in the frame. The enormous size of the skids are perfect! They stick out a bit past the front of the frame, which will protect the frame very well. I have only had the opportunity to use them on the snowblower once, but I can tell you they were awesome! The snowblower glides right over uneven pavement. I am very glad I bought them and very glad that someone out there makes such a great product. I have already shared your website with a couple people, and plan to let others know about it as well. John K

John K

This is an absolute must for your snowblower!!!! It makes such a huge difference when using your snowblower. We have a gravel 300+ foot driveway and after putting these on our snowblower having to use the snowblower has become So Much Easier. If you are on the fence about whether or not to invest in them – Do It, you will not regret it.

Lisa H.

Lisa H

Finally put them on our Toro Power Max 724. Put wide edge forward for our gravel driveway. Had first snowstorm this weekend and gave them the test through 6″ of snow. Verdict: These are great! Glide through snow and difference was pretty big over stock skids. Made it easier for wife to handle. Highly recommend. Paul J.

Paul J

I ordered mine Friday and they were here today! Been raining most the day, but I had to take them out for a spin. I couldn’t believe how much better my snowblower handled and how easily it cut through those hard heavy banks. You got a customer for life!

Joshua M.

Joshua M