Toro Powermax 724 OE

The ASE0310 skids at 3.00 inch spacings work great on my Toro Powermax 724 OE snowblower that I bought in 2017.  Wasn’t sure if they’d fit because the toro’s bolt spacings are 2-7/8 inches.  But the bolts are small in diameter, and the slot widths are large in the ASE0310 skids, so everything worked.  Will be using on gravel so starting with 1/2″ gap at bottom of snowblower.

Steve L.
Pleasant Prairie, WI



 Here they are installed on a Toro 724OE.  For a little humor, I’ve included a snap shot of the original skids that were due for replacement (image 2). 

I believe that we will get another snow … so that I can test them out. For reference, I did have to use 1 spacer on each side because of the way that the auger housing has a small boss that was stamped into the surface near the front of the opening.


All best,