Introductory offer! I’m looking for dealers to carry my skids.  I’d love to get my skids in the hands of independent snowblower store owners and parts managers.  So if you have a snowblower shop that you respect that you do business with, email me the name and address of the shop and I’ll ship your order directly to them. 

Designed exclusively for the Snow Removal professionals who run their machines nonstop, the new professional series has a full 1/2 inch thick steel bottom runner for long life. They feature the new 2016 dual-tip design which gives you two different skid tip profiles. The narrow profile skid tip gives maximum snow penetration on hard surfaces, and lifts the snowblower smoothly up over cracks, ruts, and bumps up to 2” in height. The wide tip allows maximum float over gravel, grass, and dirt. Together the two unique tip designs allow you to protect and customize your machine like never before. Initially I’m offering them in two distinct sizes: one for the Ariens machines with a 3″ bolt pattern, and another size for Toros with offset bolt pattern of 2 7/8″. See regular Armorskids® descriptions for details.

Note 1:   These skids are 1/4″ taller due to the thickness of the bottom runner.

Note 2:   You may need a set of spacers to mount properly. Some Ariens machines need them to compensate for a lip on the edge of the auger housing, other machines do not need them. See my FAQ’s for a close-up look of a machine that needs spacers.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER: SPC0300 1/8″ Thick Spacers

If you need spacers, this pack of 4 spacers should solve almost all clearance issues. Item Number: SPC0300 

Price per set: $15.00 

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