5.75” Slot Spacing

Price per set: $74.99

Shipping: $9.00

Total: $83.99

Snowblower Make/Model Number:


Bob’s Comments:

5.75” Slot Spacing (Measured from center of slot to center of other slot.)

This set of 2 skids has 5 slots. You will be using the first and fifth slot, plus possibly the middle third slot in the center. Note that the middle slot is centered between the outer two slots, but is extra wide to handle offset middle bolts. Typical offset 3-bolt patterns have 2.75″ between the rear bolt and the middle bolt, and 3″ between the middle and front bolt. Since the slots are designed to have a loose fit on 3/8 bolts, if you have 5/16 bolts you should have enough play to get all three bolts in without modification – but no promises. Worst case scenario is that you use just the two mounting bolts, which is plenty for a snowblower skid. If you have a 5/16 bolt, you will need to use washers. Bolts and washers not included. Please fill in the make and model number (example: Deere 8661). I’m putting together a chart that will hopefully aide people in selecting the correct size.

Note: Our Patented Skids are Black.

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