4.5″ Slot Spacing

Price per set: $79.99

Shipping: $9.00

Total: $88.99

Snowblower Make/Model Number:



Bob’s Comments:

4.5″ Slot Spacing (Measured from center of slot to center of other slot.)

New Cub Cadet 3x – 3 stage owners:
New Pro-XT-1545-A Armorskids® Design

The new Cub Cadet 3 stage machines have mounting bolts higher than older models. We’ve developed an extra tall version of our Pro Series in three frequently requested sizes. The XT size is bases off our Pro Series 1/2″ thick bottom runner, and is 5 inches tall to give plenty of adjustment for those machines that have these issues with the regular series Armorskids®.

Note: Our Patented Skids are Black.