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Measure once, then measure again – just to be sure!


All orders go USPS Priority 2-3 day mail to anywhere in U.S.A.
Shipping to Canada is $19.90. 9000 Series $40.00. Order as normal on the web site and I’ll send you a PayPal request for the difference. Shipping to Germany/U.K./Sweden are about $45.00. I’ll PayPal request you the shipping difference.
Snowblower Skids Spacers Not Included.

Before you place an order: Measure and check first! Different brands of snowblowers have different shoe mounting patterns, the spacing can vary within a brand as well. To order the right set of skids, you need to determine the spacing of your mounting slots.

Here’s how:

1. Slot Spacing: Take the old snowblower shoe off, mark the center of each slot at the very top, then measure between the two lines. Measure from the CENTER of one slot to the CENTER of the other slot. Typical distances are 2.0 inches, 2.5 inches, 2.75 inches. or 3 inches. Take your time measuring, make sure you have good light. If you are unsure, ask someone else to measure as well, and then compare results.

2. Mounting bolt size: If the measurement of slot distance is 2.0, 2.5, or 2.75 inches, your bolt size should be 5/16. If you have a 3 inch slot distance you will probably have a 3/8 bolt. Other sizes are mixed between 5/16 and 3/8 bolts. If you’re not sure, take it to a hardware store and find out.

1/19/2011: I’ve adjusted the slot size on the 2.5” to accept a 3/8 bolt to accommodate the new Deere size. I highly recommend using washers, especially if you have a 3/8 bolt.

3. ARMORskids® are larger, longer, and wider than your stock skids by design. Check around the current skid, look for any significant bumps on the housing that may keep you from properly mounting a longer skid. A few brands such as Toro mount the skid in a recessed area that does not allow room for ARMORSkids® to be installed without some sort of shim, which we now sell. It’s very rare, but it does occur. See the FAQ page if this applies to you.

Shipping: We ship Via US Postal Service 2-3 day Priority Mail. I typically try to get them in the mail the next business day, but when things get busy it may take me ’till the weekend to catch up with orders.

ASE - Standard Series

Order these for standard use (home) snowblowers.

PRO - Professional Series

***NOTE*** If you have a NEW Cub Cadet, NEW Troy-Bilt or a NEW Husqvarna Snowblower, you need to scroll down to the PRO-XT Series (Extra-Tall)!

Designed exclusively for the Snow Removal Professionals who run their machines nonstop, the new professional series has a full 1/2 inch thick steel bottom runner for long life. We have a *SPECIAL* introductory offer on our Professional Series skids. Take $10.00 off and get free shipping. Find out more here!

PRO - XT Professional Series

Extra Tall - The new Pro-XT series is 5″ tall, to give additional adjustment for the machines that have mounting bolts up higher. Exact same bolt patterns as all the Pro series. New Pro Series XT: Owners of new cub cadet, Troy bilt, and Husqvarna machines find their mounting bolts are higher than older model machines, causing them to have their skids at almost full extension. we’ve developed an extra tall version of our Pro Series in three frequently requested sizes. The XT size is bases off our Pro Series 1/2″ thick bottom runner, and is 5 inches tall to give plenty of adjustment for those machines that have these issues with the regular series Armorskids®.


New Cub Cadet Owners:
Below is a visual representation of how tall these Pro-XT skids are. We are waiting for our customers to send in some images since these are brand new skids. Pictured below is a Kubota GR2120 tractor snowblower.

NEW! Spacers are now available!!!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER: SPC0300 1/8″ Thick Spacer

If you need spacers, this pack of 4 spacers should solve almost all clearance issues.
Item Number: SPC0300 Price per set: $15.00

snowblower spacers

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