Meteor 24″ 6-inch slot spacing Un-Painted

Your order includes 2 skids with 6″ slot spacing specifically for Meteor, plus 4 spacers, all un-painted.

Price: (Set of 2 Skids) = $204.99
Shipping and Handling: = $19.75
Total: $224.75

Make of Snowblower:

  • The Meteor skid has an off-set slot pattern, to center the skid on the existing skid. This allows the skid to be mounted either flange-out or flange-in if desired. Note that flange-in will require you to have the skid further extended to sit under the existing skid.
  • Important: The lower bolt that mounts the auger might need to be modified. The extra threads need to be cut off and ground flush with the nut.  This allows the skid to mount over the nut if needed.
  • Bolt pattern is: 6 inches Note: offset pattern to correctly position skid.
  • To order a set of skids for your Meteor please click above.