Mahindra Snowblower Skid

This skid is designed for the 54” Mahindra snowblower, with bolt spacing 47mm apart (center-to-center). Note that this replacement skid is much larger and heavier than the stock skid, and will require at least 3 bolts per side, maybe more. You may need to drill a hole further forward for the 3rd bolt.
Use grade 8 bolts, grade 8 washers, and grade 8 nuts. Note also that the stock skid sits in a small indentation. You may need to use a set of
of some kind to fill that gap. You may also be able to use the old stock skid as a spacer if you cut it down.

Price: $209.00 | S&H: $24.75 | Total: $234.74

Make of Snowblower:
Mahindra Snowblower Skid 1
Mahindra Snowblower Skid 2