KUBOTA 24″ Painted

Kubota – 24″ Long
Item total: $209.99
Shipping: $24.75
Total: $234.74 U.S.D.

Make of Snowblower:

Kubota blowers have some unique features to be addressed:

1) Significant large flares are common on Kubota blowers.  Skid needs to protect leading edge of machine that is not in line with mounting point.  Flare is big, cannot be reasonably addressed with spacers of any kind.   My unique vertical rib design allows the skid to slip under the flared housing right at the crease of the flare.  This location of the skid protects the leading edge, and allows for the skid to be positioned correctly on the machine.

2) Only existing bolt location is significantly back from the leading edge.  There is a lot of leverage on just two bolts, you may find you need to install a 3rd bolt.  I’ve put additional slots in to allow for additional bolts to be added, if desired.  Use the biggest grade 8 bolts you can, and use grade 8 washers.

3) Kubota’s have two common bolt patterns, narrow: 2 1/8” and wide 6 1/4“.