Kioti KS72-240 FM

C.U.T. 30

Price: $379.99 (1 set of 2 skids)
Shipping: $24.75
Total: $404.74

Bob’s Comments:

(1 set of 2 skids)

Watch the CNC Cut video below.
Description:  This skid is designed for the Kioti KS72-240 FM blower.  This machine is 72 inches wide, and with pto and sub-frame weighs in at 1,194 lbs.  With stock skids, it digs into gravel and loose ground.  These skids are built to help float this beast of a machine over gravel and uneven pavement.  Note that this skid was designed primarily for gravel, and you probably would not use the lowest bolt hole.  If you use it on pavement and want to use the lowest hole, you would need to grind a bit off the vertical plate to account for the flare on the Kioti housing.

Kioti 72-240 FM -image 2
Kioti 72-240 FM -image 3
Kioti KS72-240 FM Mounted Skid image 1
Kioti KS72-240 FM Mounted Skid image 2