Honda HS1332

Hi Bob,

Thank you for sending the extra pair of spacers with my new ARMORskids.  After some experiments, I have concluded that they are necessary on the Honda HS1332.  My initial observations about mounting are below.

On my 2015 HS1332TAS, the original scraper bar bolt head and washer are 5/16″ high.  That requires three spacers (3/8″) on each side for clearance.  M8x25mm bolts are a good length for the welded metric nut, three spacers, the ARMORskid, and a heavy washer.

I tried to eliminate one spacer by using a scraper bar bolt with a thinner head and a thinner washer.   With two spacers (1/4″), the ARMORskids just touched the head.  Unfortunately the thinner washer deformed under tightening, so I decided the previous configuration would be stronger.

I think the spacers provide a bit more support than ordinary washers would if used for spacing.  About 2/3 of the front of the spacer rests against the auger housing.  That should provide some resistance to inward flexing from jolts such as a skid hitting a bump or a rock (which I imagine could loosen the bolts over time).  The back of the spacer is mostly over a recess in the housing, contributing less support.

The skids stuck out rather widely, so I mounted them “inside out”.  This puts the runners directly below the mounting bolts, which should reduce flexing force from jolts.  In this configuration, the scraper bar and auger housing cannot be set lower than the thickness of the runners (about 1/4″).  To scrape lower, the skids must face outwards in the orthodox way.

For 2016 Honda replaced this model with a redesign, HSS1332AT, manufactured in the U.S. rather than Japan.  It has weird skids.  From the web images, it looks like the auger housing recesses are shallower, and the front skid mounting holes are round without welded nuts.  I don’t know their diameter or spacing.  Available accessories include heavy duty skids (Commercial Grade Skid Snow Kit), apparently with backing plates for the nuts.  They look designed for long wear but not for rough surfaces.

When we get some actual snow to try the ARMORskids out on, I will send any further observations.  Or maybe post a review as your packing note suggests.

Hope this isn’t too much information.


— George Snyder

Honda HS1332
Honda HS1332_2

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