EGO 2400


I received the 3-inch and 1-inch slot spacing skids yesterday. I installed them today on my new EGO2400.
They are just want I wanted, just what I need, to improve the height of the scraper bar over gravel, and for better stability.
I installed them between the machine and the small green skids that came with the EGO. They should use your skids.
No snow yet (central New Jersey). I like to be prepared, however.
The hindmost washer and nut seemed to tighten better, more evenly, against the pliant green skid than it did against the metal. The foremost set tightened okay on the metal. Even better than the skids, to me, is working with nice people, as with you.
Please, feel free to use text and/or photos from this email for the purpose of your product promotion. (I’m not on social media.)
Full of good will and best wishes for you in ’22 (because of Jesus, the Son of God, my best friend).
EGO 2400 image 3
EGO 2400 image 2