Craftsman 247.883961


Attached are some photos I took of the ASC3575-B ARMORskids on my new Craftsman 247.883961 30″ snowblower.  The skids fit perfectly with no additional shims or washers required.  I was done installing them in literally 5 minutes.  As the website says, the ARMORskids are made of high quality steel with very good workmanship all around.  These were worth the price.  I wouldn’t normally say this, but I’m actually looking forward to our first big snow to give the skids and machine a try!

Love the conceived, designed, built in the USA pedigree this product (keep US manufacturing strong).  As a former CNC machinist and programmer, Manufacturing Engineer, and Engineering Manager, I appreciate the quality of the product.

Yahoo has a size limit on picture attachments (I think of 20MB) so my second email will have the rest of the pictures I took.

Thanks and good luck.

Andrew L.

Portage, MI