9” Slot Spacing

Price per set: $74.99

Shipping: $14.75

Total: $89.74

Snowblower Make/Model Number:



Bob’s Comments:

9” Slot Spacing (Measured from center of slot to center of other slot.)

Extra Tall and Long! 5 inches tall and 16.5 inches in length!

This set of two skids has 7 slots total. You will use slot 1, slot 4, and slot 7. Brand new size for the fall 2012 season! This size is MUCH larger than the other sizes, 16.5″ tip-to-tip and 5″ tall, plenty of room for adjustability. This will definitely provide enough adjustability for your machine! Initially designed for the BIG snowblowers and tractor-mounted blowers that use a 9″ 3-bolt mounting pattern. Pictures will be loaded to the website soon.

Slots are designed to have a slightly loose fit on a 3/8 bolt. New bolts and washers not included. If you have a 5/16 bolt, you will need to use washers. New bolts and washers not included. Please fill in the make and model number (example: Deere 8661). I’m putting together a chart that will hopefully aide people in selecting the correct size.

Note: This skid set requires a larger box, and different shipping, which is more expensive.

Note: Our Patented Skids are Black.