banner is proud to unveil the strongest snowblower shoe on the planet:
- Designed specifically for Cracked, Uneven Pavement and gravel.

· CAD Designed, and real-world tested.

· CNC Cut: All parts are CNC cut for incredible accuracy and fit.

· Powder-coated for the strongest corrosion resistance possible.

· Narrow-nose design allows curbs, chain-link fences to smoothly slide by.

Nothing is more frustrating than hitting every crack in the sidewalk. If you’re tired of your snowblower banging into each uneven section of sidewalk, you need ARMORskids®. Our heavy-duty replacement skid shoes allow you to avoid damage and keep smooth control over cracks and other uneven surfaces.

What makes these skids different?

  • Superior Design over original skids

  • Superior Material

  • Made in America with American Steel

Stock skids: Standard skids are designed for absolute lowest cost. They are stamped out of very thin metal, the whole skid is less than 5 inches in length. The short length of the snowblower shoe forces them to have a very steep angle to the leading edge. This makes for a harsh upward jolt every time a bump is encountered. Attempting to use them on uneven sidewalks and driveways makes for a rough ride which can quickly cause damage to the snowblower.

Superior Design of Heavy-Duty Skid shoe: These replacement snowblower shoes are laser cut from 1/4 thick steel plate, more than twice as thick as the stock skids. They are wider and more than twice as long as the original skid. The steel is much better at taking a beating than the unknown recycled “metal” of the stock skids. You may have bent your stock skids, but you’re NOT going to bend these.

By Designing our skid shoes over 12 inches long, the skid angle is less than half that of the original skid. For every bump the skid encounters, it has more than twice the distance to lift the snowblower up, compared to a stock skid shoe. Our skid is designed to handle bumps up to almost 2 inches—try doing that with a stock skid!

Superior Materials: Low cost was the driving force behind the design of your stock skid.  We laser-cut our skid runners out of full sheets of Hot-Rolled A-36 American Made 1/4” Steel plate.  A-36 steel is well known for it's strength, ductility, and weldability.  Its the same steel spec'd for I-beams in high-rise buildings.  Our mounting plates are  cut out of A36 steel, 1/8” thick.


ARMORskids® - Gravel Drives

Gravel is brutal on snowblowers.   Stock skids dig into gravel, leave ruts, and bend when they encounter frozen rocks.  Armorskids® are wider, and much longer than the typical stock skid.  Over 12 inches long, and over an inch wide, these skids provide over 5 times more “float”, exactly what is needed for gravel driveways.  It’s patented low-rise design allows a smooth lift over uneven concrete, cracks, and holes.   For every bump the skid encounters, it has more than twice the distance to lift the snowblower up, compared to a stock skid.

Fit and Finish: Fully CAD designed,  our skids are all CNC cut for exact fit and powder-coated to provide the ultimate in protection against corrosion.

Skid Photos: Stock Skid vs. Heavy-Duty ARMORskids®

ARMORskids® (Red) in the background, with the stock skid (Painted black/white) sitting on top: Bump Point-of-contact is moved WAY forward which helps protect the auger housing. Much lower angle of our skid makes for MUCH smoother ride. Thickness of steel is quite evident in this photo.

End of Skid: Stock vs. ARMORskids®:

The picture above shows tip of our skid is just to the left of the yellow ruler, with the stock skid on the right: You can see the difference in overall height, and the difference in the thickness of the steel.

Dec 19th
Bob, They were even better then I expected! Very heavy duty and should last a lonnnnnggg time. I may order another pair for an old 24" craftsman I have and give the machine to my son. I'm gonna try the pair off the Cub and if they fit order the same.

— LS Snowblower replacement parts for shoes, skids or plates